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Busy days are not a myth, and we have all experienced those days when there are not enough hours in a day to get everything done.

Over the years of working as a VA and design freelancer, I have tried so many apps and different software to help me stay productive and keep on top of things.  Granted some I tried for an hour – but you need to find the right app/software that fits with you and your business.  Here are just 3 that I have found works for my needs, as well as the needs of my clients:


Recently I received horrible news – the developers of my to-do list app have stopped developing the app and it will soon be no more.  I searched for years looking for an app that did everything that I wanted it to do, so when I got the news, I was heartbroken.

Luckily on that very same day – there was a discussion on the TAVASA WhatsApp group and one of the members shared their Task List App.  I decided to give it a try and it was a dream come true.

Asana gave me everything I needed from the start – with the option to add repeating tasks, a calendar that helps plot out the days, a timeline that lets you see your busy days and projects on top of one another and, I left the best for last – for every 3rd or 4th task you complete, a unicorn or phoenix flies across your screen in celebration.  What more could you ask for?

The free version gives you everything you need to get started – as you and your business grow you can then upgrade to a paid version and enjoy the full benefits of Asana.


It is no secret by now – if you need graphics, images or even a simple logo done – is the place to go.  With it being so popular, new features are being added to it regularly, allowing you to stay on top of your graphics game!

Although I design mainly in Adobe Products – there does come a time when that horrid design block hits – we have all been there.  I then turn to to get an inspiration kick (and some free photos).  As I have been using Canva for many years, I am very excited to see what they bring as this awesome site grows and develops in future.

BONUS: Looking for some amazing images to help your business stand out – take a look at and

Formidable Forms

There are many free WordPress plugins that I love using.  But Formidable Forms has to be one of my favourites.  Not only can you customise it to fit your business brand and personality, the automation options are endless.

One of my favourite, and main use of this plugin is that when someone sends a request via my website, 2 things happen instantly:

  1. I get an email giving me all the details that I then process and follow up with,
  2. An email is instantly sent to the person with more details about the services I offer – keeping me and my services at the front of their mind.

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