5 Simple ways to stay on track during lockdown

2020 has been an emotional roller coaster that will fill our nightmares for years to come. At the same time, it has brought on opportunities that you would never have thought of before.

Working from home can be a wonderful experience. If not managed, it can drive you completely insane. When I started my VA business, friends and family were so jealous because I had it easy, after all I didn’t have to deal with traffic or office politics. My silent smile hid the actual pain that I had to go through each day to make it productive.

With all the emotions being experienced during this time and your traditional ‘work’ life undergoing a radical change, I want to share with you my 5 go-to techniques for working at home that keeps me going when it feels like everything else is going wrong.

1. Have a start time and end time

Routine is very important during stressful times; it might be the fine line that could keep you sane. In the beginning of the Admin’s Niche, I would wake up when I did, worked till I couldn’t keep my eyes open and then crawl into bed. You know what happened next … complete burnout and I lost 2 weeks’ worth of work!

Having a routine will give you some structure among the chaos of this pandemic. Find a schedule that works with you, your work and most importantly your family. Plan your tasks in the morning and celebrate your victories before you shut down for the day.

2. Sort out your office space

Working from your bed is a hard no! Working from the couch while binging Netflix is even worse! What you essentially are doing is blurring the lines between work and relaxation. And before you know if you will be thinking about work while watching TV with your kids or struggling to sleep because you need to answer those emails.

Having a dedicated space for your work is important – a place where you can pack up at the end of the day and “leave” the office. This will help your mind switch off and start enjoying time at home.

3. Have an at home uniform

One of the best motivational quotes I ever came across when starting up was “Get up, dress up and get sh*t done!”

Just like setting up a routine and having an office space, getting out of those PJs every morning will help you set your mind for success. I am not suggesting your go full out heels, make up and office gear, but set up a uniform that makes you think it is time for work.

4. Find yourself an Account-abilla-buddy

Being disciplined while working from home can be a bit of a struggle and that is why it helps to get an account-abilla-buddy. Find someone who is also struggling to get into a routine with working from home and set goals together.

Check in with one another and make sure you are both on the same path.

5. Remember you are only human

By now you have been bombarded with posts and articles about how you can be super productive, do amazing things and become a superhero while working at home. The fact is you are going to face horrible days. You are going to have days where you spontaneously burst into tears for no reason. And you will have those days where you have no focus and struggle to get anything done.

And you know what – that is OKAY!! 

On these days take time off, working through these kinds of emotions will only bring more frustration and more stress. Do something that is, what I like to call, mindless. Washing dishes, watching your favourite movie – even taking a small nap for your body and mind to heal is OKAY!

No one really knows what is going to happen next, but what you do have control over is how your respond to what may come your way.

Stay Safe, Stay Informed and Stay Positive!

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